Bylaws of the Piedmont Humanists

Bylaws of Upstate S.C. Secular Humanist, Inc.

d.b.a. Piedmont Humanists

As amended on and and .


This organization shall do business as Piedmont Humanists, hereafter “PH”. It is incorporated in the state of South Carolina as UPSTATE S.C. SECULAR HUMANIST(s) and AMERICAN HUMANIST ASSOCIATION.


PH shall promote humanistic ideals based on ethics, reason, and human concerns. PH is dedicated to building a socially nurturing and intellectually stimulating humanist community through public advocacy projects, social concern programs, community outreach campaigns and watchdog activities.



Any person who is in general accord with the above-stated purpose may become a member by applying for membership and submitting payment of annual dues. No person who is in complete accord with the purpose shall be refused membership for any reason.

Rights and Privileges

  • Suffrage of the organization,
  • Petition of the Board,
  • Subscription to the PH newsletter (The Voice of Reason),
  • Discretionary review of PH financial reports,
  • Review and a vote on any expenditure greater than $500 or 20% of current PH funds.

Reprimand, Revokation and Reinstantiation of Membership

The board may hold a member in reprimand provided the following conditions are met:

  • Suitable evidence that the member has infringed upon the principles of the PH Purpose, Mission, or other Code of Conduct as determined by the Board and membership,
  • The member has been served written notice of said violation and evidence,
  • The member has provided a statement of defense at a Board hearing,
  • The Board carries the reprimand with the greater majority (4/5),
  • The Secretary files a Report of Reprimand providing suitable history for the case.

The Board reserves the right to revoke membership at any time for any reason provided revokation carries unanimously. However, under normal conditions revokation of membership should follow the same provisions as Reprimand, and if multiple Reprimands are on file, the Board may revoke membership with a simple majority.

The Board may also reinstate membership under the following conditions:

  • A period of time determined at the Revokation Hearing or six months, whichever is less, has passed.
  • The member has reapplied, submitting a formal request,
  • The Board passes reinstatement with a simple majority.

Petition and Suggestion

Any member may submit a written petition to the Board requiring written response in no more than two weeks. The Board shall also maintain a convenient method for members to submit suggestions.



The Piedmont Humanists shall be governed by an elected Board of Directors consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and one Deputy, to be elected by the general membership for a term of one year.


The general duties of any member of the Board shall be:

  • Attendance of all regular Board meetings, save where the Board has approved special provision in advance,
  • Keeping in confidence any special topics under discussion and any external discussion so declared,
  • Maintaining regular correspondence and communication with the Board and membership,
  • Participation in Board voting and provide prompt response,
  • Delegation of duties where necessary, with permission of the Board,
  • Resignation of duties by signed decree should the Director be unable to fulfill them,
  • Maintaining availability of any organization property or resources, including surrender of said upon resignation,
  • Obeying a Code of Conduct as determined jointly by the Board and membership.
  • Maintaining and respecting a mission statement, safety policy, and privacy policy.
  • Appointing committee heads from the general membership to oversee specific topics of interest.

The specific duties of the board are:

  • Preside over all board meetings,
  • Act as spokesperson and ambassador for PH,
  • Promote PH and humanism,
  • Form topical committees pursuant the goals and operation of PH,
  • Ensure the continuance and flourishment of PH.
  • Act in stead of the President,
  • Share in Presidential duties as necessary,
  • Promote PH and humanism,
  • Supervise and assist PH committees as necessary,
  • Execute those ad hoc duties the Board determines as necessary.
  • Maintain all necessary records and ensure their accuracy,
  • Maintain as current all schedules, calendars, plans, and proposals,
  • Take and keep minutes of all business meetings,
  • Maintain the list of active membership.
  • Keep an accurate accounting of all funds,
  • Produce a resilient budget,
  • Maintain the organization’s accounts,
  • Make quarterly financial reports to the Board and PH membership,
  • Maintain documentation accessible to members as requested.
  • Represent the membership to the Board,
  • Maintain those assets of the organization not otherwise held,
  • Act as an ambassador of the Board to the membership,
  • Appear at any organization event or ensure that a representative is present,
  • Execute any assigned duties as determined by the Board.

Censure and Impeachment

A Board member may be censured according to the same process as outlined in Member Reprimand. A Board member may also be impeached by the same process provided that the Board member has failed to execute the specific duties of the seat. The Impeachment Hearing requires a Committee of membership made up of at least six members to vote with the Board and a 2/3 majority shown for the Impeachment to carry. Should the Impeachment carry, the Board member will be ejected from the seat and replaced according to Special Election provisions. The Board may further determine if the terms of Impeachment merit revokation of membership, but this must be presented before the Impeachment Hearing with any charges.

The President reserves the ability to verbally censure any Board member provided good reason can be demonstrated. This requires no process or documentation, but may be noted in the Board Minutes if necessary.


Regular membership meetings and board meetings shall be scheduled in accordance with times and places set by the Board of Directors, with approval of the membership. Meetings are open to the public.

A quorum for the transaction of business at membership meetings shall consist of 20% of the paid membership.

Except as otherwise provided in regulations of the membership or of the Board of Directors, all business meetings of Piedmont Humanists shall be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order (current Revised Edition).


Nomination and Conditions for Election

Any member may nominate any member for office, but the nominated member must consent to serve.

An election for a seat on the Board requires at least one nominee. Should there be no nominees for a position, the incumbant may be asked to continue in that seat provided the remaining Board carries the motion with a majority (3/4).

Nominations must be presented to the Board before the September Board meeting.

Voting shall take place at the first November meeting immediately following the November Board meeting, except when the Board meeting is moved or the election date moved persuant these bylaws.

The Board may opt to move the election provided notice of at least 30 days and a greater majority vote (4/5).

An election committee or the Board shall provide ballots and officiate the election.

Election to a seat on the Board requires a majority of those voting.

There is no voting by proxy, but the Board shall provide an absentee voting process.

Transition of Powers

Officers for the following year, commencing January 1, shall immediately assume Board duties, with prior officers acting as advisors. All relevant organization resources shall be transferred to the new officers, and departing officers shall provide training as appropriate to the seat. New officers shall hold their first meeting in December along with the departing officers, transacting any necessary transition business at this meeting. Departing officers shall have completed surrender of organization resources by the first Board meeting of the following year.

Special Election

Should a Board seat become vacant for any reason before July of the current election year, the Board or a quorum may call for a special election to fill the seat. The election must occur within two weeks.


These Bylaws and any portion thereof may be amended, repealed, or modified, or new Bylaws adopted at any time by a two-thirds vote of those voting at a regular meeting provided all members have been advised in writing of the proposed change at least fifteen days prior to the meeting at which the vote is to take place.