Coalition of Reason Picnic a Success!


The Coalition of Reason Picnic in Greenville for humanists, atheists, and free thinkers in the Upstate region was a success! On August 26th, upwards of 60 people attended, representing 8 different groups. In attendance were Clemson, Greenville Tech, Furman, Piedmont Humanists, Parents for Free Thought, Upstate Atheists, Socrates Cafe, and Unitarian Universalist Church in Spartanburg Humanists.

Thumbs up for Hot Dogs!

The weather was wonderful, and the potluck brought lots of tasty home made foods and hotdogs. All of the Presidents introduced themselves, and Han Hills did a surprise visit to promote the Carolinas Conference in September.


This gathering of 60 people of 8 groups in the Upstate is the largest number of Humanist groups organizing together so far.  Groups that had never met each other before, Like Furman and Greenville Tech, were able to meet each other for the first time and talk about their experiences so far and where their groups are going.

Pictured: Clemson, Furman, Greenville Tech, and a photobomb from Han Hills!

This is the first Annual meeting of what will hopefully be a long number of coalition meetups in the upstate’s future.

The Picnic was meant to be a celebration for the upcoming “Good Without God” Billboards, that will be positioned on highways downtown and near Bob Jones University. However, despite having the funds needed through the Coalition of Reason, we have had difficulty in getting a contract from a billboard company. One company rejected us, the other accepted us but then later stalled. We are still waiting on a launch date. When it does launch, it will say “Good Without God? You are not alone.” It will also have an address for the Upstate CoR website, which has a list of all the groups, their websites, and a calendar with upcoming group events.


We are excited to see what will happen in terms of membership increases with the physical and media attention that a billboard could bring. We are also excited to see how the coalition can grow and work together to do even bigger projects, like community service, big name speakers, idea sharing, intergroup support and publicity, and more. We especially hope that by working together we can make a bigger impact in the region and help increase the stigma of being an out of closet atheist.

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