Darwin Day Potluck


Happy Darwin Day!

What: A celebration of the life and discoveries of Charles Darwin
When: February 11 at 11:00 am
Where: Greenville Ballet School, 105 Woodruff Industrial Ln, Greenville, SC 29607

We will begin with our normal Sunday meeting during which Dr. Brandy Hartsell, marine biologist and educator, will give a presentation about evolution. After the presentation, the floor will be open to questions and discussion.

Families are welcome. There will be an area for children’s activities.

After our meeting, we’ll have a special soup-and-sandwich potluck meal in honor of Darwin’s birthday. Piedmont Humanists will provide a birthday cake.

If you cook, we’d love a contribution of your favorite soup. Please bring your soup in a crockpot or other warmer. Can you make a great “primordial soup”? If so, please bring it and share the recipe! 

For grilled cheese sandwiches, we’ll need bread, butter, and sliced cheeses. We’ll provide a griddle. We also need crackers and drinks.

In order to be environmentally conscious, we are asking everyone to bring cups, bowls, plates and flatware from home, if possible. We will provide a limited supply of washable plastic picnic items.

Please contact the board to let us know what you will bring. A running list of food contributions will be kept on Facebook.

Join us for our first big event in the new year–let’s make it great!

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