Family Events

Thank You for your interest in our Family Events. We want to nurture and aid the development of the youngest in our community and bring families together in a secular environment. For this reason, we frequently have family events, where language is more controlled and activities are planned with the kids in mind.


Upcoming Family Events:

Annual Picnic – August 5th
Train Museum – Date/Time tba
War Museum – Date/Time tba

*Remember for some events, later hours will be less family-oriented

Check our calendar for more details.
Also, check out our PH Family Friendly Events group on Facebook.

Past Family Events:
Darwin Day Potluck – February 11th
Annual Feast of the Flying Spaghetti Monster – November 19th 5pm*
Halloween Party – October 22nd 4pm*
Annual Picnic – August 6th
Kite Festival @ Barnett Park – April 23rd
BBQ & Fundraiser – April 16th
Easter Egg Hunt – March 27th
Greer Heritage Museum – March 5th
(Century Park for Snacks and Playtime after Museum)



We’re occasionally asked whether kids can come to our more regular events. We love seeing kids get to enjoy our activities, but please take the following into consideration. A lot of our events are attended by adults, and at these events people are able to express themselves freely. It is purely a parent’s choice to bring their child to any of these events, and they should do so with the understanding that there is a chance of swearing, sexual, and other adult conversation, jokes, etc. We also can’t have some meetings interrupted, especially on Sundays at Earth Fare. However, the room there has windows all around it and there is a cafe seating area outside the room. So if your children are able to sit out there and play a game or color or something, sometimes parents have them do that.

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