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Video about New Mind from our meeting on 10-30-16

New Mind Health and Care

Video about evolution from our meeting on 4-24-16

Evolution of Mammals and their dispersal

Video about street epistemology from our meeting on 3-13-16

SE and the SSA: Perfectly Positioned (to Make a Difference)

Video about college from our meeting on 2-5-16

Malcolm Gladwell Keynote from AACC’s Annual Convention (2015)

Links from 9/6/15

OPEN ON SUNDAYS TOPIC: Coming Out About Your Non-Belief , Should You? How do you?
Ask Richard Coming Out – Search
Richard Wade identifies as both a humanist and an atheist. He has worked as an artist and as a Marriage and Family Therapist with many years in the specialization of addiction. Now retired, he has counseled more than ten thousand patients. Questions to this advice column are welcome from any perspective or belief, not just that of humanism or atheism. Richard Wade’s column can also be read on a regular  basis at The Friendly Atheist blog.
Reddit Atheism
10.5 Tips for Coming Out
To Family & Friends As Atheist

5 reasons NOT to come out Atheist
How to tell your parents you’re an Atheist the nice way.
Coming Out to Family
Fundamentalist Preacher
Responds To Daughter Coming Out AtheistPastor Comes Out Atheist
Interview of Ex-Pastor
Marc Lowe
Ron Reagan Jr.

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