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PH Atheists is an outreach of Piedmont Humanists for us nonbelievers to come together, let others in our area know they are not alone in their disbelief, and put to rest the stereotypes about atheists, skeptics, freethinkers, etc. and demand human respect and inclusion for us. As we do this, we also hope to do some good for others in and out of our community, and most importantly we’re going to have a lot of fun.

We’re a proud part of Piedmont Humanists, an inclusive community of freethinking, compassionate people from the upstate of South Carolina and beyond. More information about PH is available at and on PH’s Facebook page.

This group will not just be a meme album. Yes, let’s share funny memes, but let’s also use this space to educate and help one another. There are real problems out there that aren’t solved by hating on something. We pride ourselves as free thinkers, so I challenge us to also find answers to making change in the Upstate and surrounding areas while having fun too.

Proud to announce Daniel Hedgpeth will be leading us in this. He and I are admins reach out to us if there are any issues or concerns on our group page.

Thanks for being a part of making the PH Family and Athiests proud.

President of PH Joe Mercaldo

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